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The 2010 Salon Vie Stylist Shootout - Competition Terms & Conditions

1. The Prize
The competition prize, for the voter selected at random from those who voted for the winning model, is 300 of hair and beauty services. You may use this prize in any way you wish, including multiple visits and multiple people. The prize will be given in vouchers which will have no expiry date. The prize may not be redeemed for cash or for product purchases.

2. Confidentiality
We will only use the details you supply for the purposes of informing you about this competition. Your details will certainly not be passed on to any third parties.

3. Your Contact Details
For votes within the salons, we ask that you supply us with any one of your email address, telephone number or home address. Where the details are invalid, they will be excluded from the voting and the prize draw. For online votes, we ask that you supply us with your email address. Online votes without an email address will be discarded.

4. The Prize Draw
The winner will be selected by a draw, to be performed in the Nantwich salon on Saturday the 3rd of April. Only those entries who voted for the winning model will be entered into the draw. We will draw three entries, to be used in order, in case the initial winning entries are unable to use their prize. All eligible voters will be assigned a unique number which will be used to identify the winner in the prize draw. We will announce the winning voter in the salons, on our web site, within the press and by personally contacting the winner. We respect your privacy so will only identify the winning voter by their first name.

5. Eligibility
Please indicate, on the online voting form or the forms within the salon, if you are unable to use the prize. Even if you are unable use the prize, you are welcome to vote. Salon Vie employees are welcome to vote but cannot enter the prize draw since prizes will be awarded internally to both the winning stylist and model.

6. Duplicate Entries
Only one competition entry may be submitted per voter. If we detect duplicate entries, all associated entries will be excluded from the voting and the prize draw. The decision of Salon Vie is final in this respect.
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