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The results of the 2011 Salon Vie Stylist Shootout!
Daisy styled by Debbie

In FIRST PLACE, as voted for by you, we have Daisy, styled by Debbie, senior stylist in our Tattenhall salon. Here are a few of your comments:

'The look and feel of the picture works brilliantly and creates the most professional shot out of them all - it has an almost high end fashion/couture feel to it. The angle of the shot focuses on the hair rather than the dress and I like the way the dress also subtly reflects the look/feel of the hair (but by being a darker colour than the hair colour, it complements the hair rather than detracting attention). The clever use of the mask also takes focus away from any make-up or the face, thus drawing the eye more to the hair. The mask also creates an air of mystery to the shot and made me look at the photo and the hair for longer than the other photos. I would love to go to a mystery ball or party dressed like this!'
'The sheer volume!'
'Really liked this model's hair, modern and a touch of mystery.'
'Overall, this look looks very sophisticated and I like the face makeup. It looks like she's just off to one of Elton John's glamorous, over the top balls.'
'Mysterious, sassy, yet elegant.'
'Looks sexy.'
'Just looks ace!'
'Intense photo, bold hair, very dramatic pose, love it ! Very pretty face, drawn to hair and face.'
'I thought that this was a very creative and AMAZING hairstyle!'
'I think the hairstyle is big and beautiful, something I'd like to have done for an avant garde event making it practical. It's sophisticated yet wild and messy. You'd definitely be noticed for wearing this.'
'I love this idea of a Masquerade Ball type hairstyle. The soft curl style of the hair is fantastic and matches up really well with the black make up and black veil over the eyes, and also the grey dress completes the whole hairstyle and compliments the make up colour theme.'
'Great overall look. Love the dress and makeup as well as the wacky hair!'
'Very unique and it has a lovely shape.'
'Excellent work!'
'I love the whole look, the grey and black theme work well with the blonde hair.'
'Very glamorous.'
'Cos it really is a 'hairdo' with no gimmicks - just high & mighty!! Very clever.'
'Because it is like the 60s and that 60s fashion is coming into the catwalk. I also like the size, big but not too big!'
'Very creative and I love the sense of fun and glamour.'
'Stunning and gravity defying.'
'Wow! How high is that!'
'I like the lines created around the style and the softness of the curls. The fringe is really dramatic and sharp, contoured to the curls.'
'Looks fantastic and yet still wearable. Great dress, great looks, lovely hair.'
'Elegant, stunning, dangerous and avant garde! Love the height of the hair.'
'It's simply stunning.'
'Because I think it is so beautiful and feminine.'
'It's a very different look but also very sophisticated. Looks amazing!'
'I love the styling. It's not overdone but still has drama. Hair is amazing as it looks glossy and clever to achieve such height.' 'Dress and mask complement the hair.'
'Funky but stylish.'
'Sophisticated and ethereal, demonstrating skill.'
'I like the fun with the sophistication of this style and the cleverness of the stylist.'
'Composition, stance, style and energy.'
'Very off the wall, however elegant and refined. Beautiful in a quirky way. Stunning colour & style of hair also model's dress and mask are fab!'
'Glamorous, edgy and makes a statement.'
'Very chic!'
'Fantastic hair and very classy model.'
'Beautiful and elegant.'
'Unique twist on classic elegance of 1600-1700 era brought up to date with more loose curls and waves.'
Kim styled by Jane

In SECOND PLACE, as voted for by you, we have Kim, styled by Jane, Salon Vie's art director who works in both the Nantwich and Tattenhall salons. Here are a few of your comments:

'They are all amazing but I found this one to be a little above the rest as it is so intricate.'
'The platting and weaving looks amazing, it must have taken a lot of organised fingers and imagination to create such a spectacular hair style. I would love mine to be done like this!!'
'The most stylish cut.'
'The hair design complements the model's features and the shape of her face, whilst being stylish and way out at the same time. It has an extra-terrestrial feel to it maybe!'
'The fine detail on this one is amazing, it must have taken ages to complete, well worth it though because it looks fantastic.'
'The expertise is excellent.'
'The detail required in weaving the hair.'
'The colours are lovely and the weaving is very skilful.'
'Tasteful, intricate, with a big wow factor.'
'Originality and a lot of effort put into it.'
'Loved all the looks- hugely creative and colourful, and clearly a lot of hard work has gone into them. I really liked the intricate hairstyle on Kim's hair, and the high structure.'
'Looks like a lot of effort has been put in to weaving the hair.'
'Kim looks as a hot potato gets!!!'
'I've never seen a hairstyle even remotely like it before! Great!!'
'It's awesome.'
'It is a piece of creative art.'
'I think the colours are great and complement each other and the design looks very intricate and stands out ageist the rest. I would even have this look myself (maybe on a smaller scale).'
'I love the style, and the colours! It's a work of art.'
'I can imagine it on a runway and it looks like SO much work went into it.'
'Fantastic imagination and flair!'
'Construction, colours.'
'Best hair and overall look.'
'Because Kim looks beautiful and her hair is amazing!!'
'All are very artistic but I like the unusual shape and the use of colour and weaving.'
'Imaginative, textured and colouring amazing including excellent engineering.'
'Not seen anything like it before. Also liked the colours in it, went with the model's complexion perfectly.'
'Extremely striking and elaborate hairstyle. Very classy looking model.'
'Colour and texture in a medieval look.'
'The complexity of the weave is very impressive.'
'The detail in this style is fantastic.'
'The hairstyle created is truly inspired. A simple idea, perfectly executed to create a dramatic and eye catching result.'
'Love the shape - sort of Cleopatra.'
'I liked the sophisticated look and the colours.'
'Such a beautiful, creative style and I love the colours.'
'Very clever hair design. Definitely avant garde and a great deal of time obviously spent on the design and its construction.'
'Because it is mad and mad is so cool.'
Sarah styled by Leanne

In THIRD PLACE, as voted by you, we have Sarah, styled by junior stylist Leanne who works in both our Nantwich and Tattenhall salons. Here are a few of your comments:

'It made me smile and the attention to smaller detail in the lips just swung it for me.'
'It's really cool and funky! I think it is an amazing hair style and lots of imagination and hard work has gone into it. It is incredible the way it stands up. It is amazing!!'
'I love this, it's very fun and summery.'
'I love pink!!!!'
'I like the colour.'
'The reason I chose this model is because a lot of effort has been put in to the hair style and outfit.'
'Sarah's hair looks really fun.'
'Coz it's fun, bright and I love the use of candy.'
'Feminine and fun.'
'I like the colour and think that the style is not over the top.'
'Nice hair lollipops and the colour is my favourite.'
'Like the sweets in the candy floss theme. Great colour.'
'Because it's funny and made me laugh.'
'Nice use of colour, props and makeup.'
'This style appears wearable. You can see that it's creative but possible.'
'Because it's bright pink and really creative but not too out there.'
'Love the colour and the style. The outfit finishes off the overall look of the design. Very funky.'
'Because this is how I would have my hair in a perfect world.'
'It was funky and creative.'
'It looks very feminine.'
'I think it's really creative and the theme of candy works well.'
'Love the pink, contrasting smooth fringe with fuzzy back and sides.'
'Naughty but nice. Just makes me smile.'
'The choice if this colour lifts the style as well as the model's complexion. The hair style is modern but not too eccentric.'
'This style is in keeping with pop culture at the moment such as Lady Gaga and Katy Perry.'
'Unique and sweet.'
'I love the colours and the idea of using sweets. It's crazy and fun.'
'Sarah looks so different and it suits her.'
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